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Whatever legal situation you face, we can provide a nuanced perspective of where you stand and what your options are. We don’t tell you what to do, but ensure that you have the right information so you can make a decision that’s in your best interest.

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When it comes to advocacy and counsel, our philosophy is to be critically responsive and attuned to the needs of our clients in an ever-changing, globalised environment. An unwavering passion for excellence and a spirit of innovation become the hallmarks of our team and our seal of excellence.

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We have strategically focused our talents into specialised practice groups to maximise the depth of our expertise and experience. Whether you are looking for corporate solutions or pondering over the enforcement of marine oil pollution legislation, you will find the right people, right here, right now.


Our Practice Areas


Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties resolve disputes without going to court. Arbitration is often used to resolve commercial disputes, particularly in the context of international commercial transactions. Rosidi Hassan & Co has represented domestic and international developers/employers, engineering firms, design professionals, quantity surveyors, construction and project managers, and contractors in arbitration as well as adjudication. Our team is experienced in the handling of arbitral disputes arising from the performance of contracts for major land reclamation, satellite broadcasting, charter party (maritime), project financing, and other commercial transactions.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy and insolvency matters present a fertile environment for litigation. Rosidi Hassan & Co advises and represents creditors (both secured and unsecured), companies and individuals in respect of their exposure to risks and liability when it comes to matters of bankruptcy and insolvency. Irrespective of what your circumstances are, we may be able to assist in protecting you from the harshest aspects of bankruptcy or insolvency or if you are a creditor, to assist you in recovering monies from debtors or company directors as appropriate.

Contractual Disputes

Contractual dispute arise when a party to the contract has a disagreement concerning its terms or performance. Rosidi Hassan & Co provides legal services to companies, organisations and individuals in the matters relating to contractual and commercial disputes, including advising on legal options and prospects, conducting negotiations, instituting demands/claims, conducting recovery proceedings, and providing representation in litigation, arbitration and appellate proceedings. Our team is often engaged to advise on complex contractual and commercial disputes involving multiple parties.

Corporate Recovery & Restructuring

The current economic climate backs many companies to make difficult decisions so as to ensure business sustainability. Corporate recovery and restructuring exercises can help companies make informed decisions on the best way forward. Underperforming companies can be resuscitated, given the right guidance and direction. Our team is dedicated to steering companies away from financially reckless practices to building a viable, profitable, and wholly sustainable company policies. We also advise creditors on how the tools of the corporate voluntary arrangement and judicial management process will impact them.


Construction and Engineering The firm has a team of dedicated lawyers experienced in the area of construction and engineering disputes, with extensive and proven track record of achieving the client’s expectations. In an ever-changing market, our construction and engineering team can provide you with a reassuring presence. Whether you require light touch advice or strong action, the team has the knowledge and expertise to help you in the most effective way. Industry Experience From disputes arising from the construction of hotels, high-rise office buildings, luxury condominiums, educational institution to highway and railway projects, our team of dedicated lawyers are well-equipped with the requisite knowledge and expertise to assist you on any form of construction disputes. Our team of lawyers have, at all stages of the construction process worked with a vast diversity of renown construction industry players ranging from both local and international developers/employers to major contractors, specialist sub-contractors, and consultants.


The digital age breathes new life into the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Where inaccurate information is spread through media, be it on- or offline, reputation of a person or organisation may be at stake, and such damage to reputation can be permanent and irreversible. Rosidi Hassan & Co have acted for a wide range of clients including individuals and companies in a number of defamation actions whereby we have secured landmark decisions in defamation law. This gives us the edge in being able to provide invaluable insights, strategies and arguments in dealing into defamation disputes either as counsel or in an advisory capacity. Our experience, expertise and knowledge in the area allow us to give the clients advice which are tailored made to suit each client before, during or after a legal action is filed. This is in line with the firm’s ethos of ensuring the clients will get the best value from the services rendered.

Family Law and Mediation

Disagreements with a partner or other family members about money, parenting, children and property are common, even if the relationship is not coming to an end. Family law disputes can often time be resolved through Mediation instead of litigation, in balancing the benefits of any course of action that disputants may wish to take against the likely financial and emotional costs. Rosidi Hassan & Co takes the approach that is necessarily sensitive, constructive and interest-based in managing family law disputes. We believe that the structuring and termination of personal relationships should really be a matter of private decision, with certain exceptions. Our services includes: Divorce and Custody Mediation Joint petitions for divorce Adoption

Professional And Experienced Family Law Attorney

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